Silicone Dual Form Short Almond: Master the Art of Nail Styling

Say goodbye to nail styling challenges! Achieve the perfect smile line with Silicone Dual Form Short Almond. Easy-to-follow steps for flawless nails. Cost-effective and practical for every nail stylist.

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1 in stock (can be backordered)

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Introducing Silicone Dual Form Short Almond

Tired of struggling to create that perfect smile line? Look no further, as Silicone Dual Form Short Almond is here to revolutionize the world of nail styling. These silicone molds are tailor-made for you, especially if you’re aiming for short, almond-shaped nails.

Easy Steps to Nail Perfection

Simple Usage Instructions

Achieving nail perfection is a breeze with Silicone Dual Form Short Almond:

  1. Select the appropriate size of the Silicone Dual Form to match your desired upper form shape.
  2. Place the silicone mold into the upper form and press its edges securely, perhaps using a silicone brush.
  3. Fill the chosen product at the French tip and cure it under the lamp.
  4. Remove the silicone mold from the Dual Form and fill the empty space with your chosen acrylic.
  5. Apply the form to your nail and cure the whole ensemble under the lamp.

Economical and Practical Choice

Reusable for Cost-Efficiency

Each package includes 12 silicone molds in various sizes. Silicone Dual Forms are designed for multiple uses, making them an economical and practical choice for every nail stylist. With these molds, achieving the perfect manicure becomes easier and more efficient.