Semi Permanent Make-up (PMU)


Semi Permanent Make-up (PMU)

Combo Brows

£230.00 | up to 3hr

Combo brows are in fusion of microblading and shading. They give a shaded look of the brows, while microblading gives a more natural look. Combo brows last a bit longer and are perfect for people with oilier skin who also like hair strokes.

Ombre Brows

£230.00 | up to 3hr

Powder ombre brows is great for people who already have fuull brows but just want a little extra definition without the hassle of filling the brow everyday. It’s also the preferred technique for people with oily skin, as it typically lasts much longer than microblading.

Microblading Brows

£220.00 | up to 3hr

Microblading uses a handheld tock to create natural hair strokes throughout the brows to fill in any gaps you may have

Top Up between 4-8 weeks

£30.00 | 1hr

12 months Top Up

£150.00 | up to 2hr